Emily May Bridal is a stunning Bridal Boutique in Melbourne’s inner city. Designed to bring a range of unique and affordable custom designed wedding dresses. We are different from other wedding dress boutiques as all our gowns can have small details added and changes made while the gowns are fitted perfectly to your body meaning less alterations closer to your big day.

We are the perfect combination of a boutique Bridal Designer and the Big Bridal Brands. Our prices range from between $1500 to $4000 and you will see from our fabrics that you will be paying up to 70% less than large labels for the use of the exact same laces and materials because we feel all brides deserve beautiful and quality gowns at an affordable price.

We are not only making our own designs but also stocking some amazing worldwide designers who we feel hold the same values and beliefs as us, thus giving our brides a great wide range of gowns to choose from.


  • OUR UNIQUE DESIGNS are limited editions or one of a kind gowns that are made especially for you! Working closely with our designers and staff we can make the dress of your dreams come true.

  • OUR PRICE is much more affordable compared to designer gowns regardless of the fact that we make one dress at a time. Your gown will be delivered directly to our boutique from our workroom so there is no middlemen in between. We have a large stock in store so we advise you to get a dress off the rack if the wedding is urgent.

  • OUR SELECTION is huge. We have a group of fashion designers working with Emily May Bridal, who capture trends quickly and always create different and amazing gowns.

  • OUR QUALITY is the best. In a comparison with more than 40 different designers and 12 popular international brands that are available in Australasia, we believe that we have the very top quality and finest fabrics. We never stop learning and making improvements on details of each design.

  • OUR ABILITY is that we can modify our own designs and shapes in order to meet your dream gown requirements. A Made-to-measure system is available for all of our other designs.

  • OUR SERVICE is held to the highest of standards. We are friendly, patient, professional, attentive and knowledgeable. We never pressure our brides to purchase and we always try our best to find the right gown. You will truly enjoy the whole experience at Emily May Bridal.

  • OUR SHOWROOMS AND CHANGING ROOMS are big enough to ensure our gowns are displayed well and easily viewed. We have separate, spacious fitting rooms with comfortable couchs and music for your group to enjoy and focus on the consultation.


We aim to help you find a gown that is uniquely you. A dress that makes you smile, feel beautiful, comfortable and confident for you special day.  We understand how important the wedding gown is and we always make every effort to deliver the utmost service to all of our brides. We would love every girl at Emily May Bridal to have warm memories of gown shopping. We want to make the wedding of your dreams come true!


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